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About Amy: 

I was a new mother when the Covid shut down started and quickly had to shift my, then in person, therapy practice to a telehealth platform. My husband was called to work in the NYC ICUs and I remained at home with a 4 month old and a pocket of clients who had all just learned the same news that  I had: we were in a pandemic. 

With no childcare options due to the contagiousness of the virus, I was forced to ask my clients one by one if they'd be comfortable if I had a baby on my knee when we met. Their grace came pouring out. We were in this thing together. I had no idea how the next few years would change not only my therapy work but also myself. Being a healer during the pandemic forever altered how I see and value the beauty and gift of this role. My clients give back to me as much if not more than I give to them! They are my own healers when they allow me to be present to their needs. 

(Don't worry, there is no longer a bouncing baby on my knee- that baby is now well into toddlerhood and will have NOTHING with sitting still.)

My personal modalities center around Internal Family Systems theory which is a theory that promotes the idea that our inner self-talk can be understood to be more of an inner cast of characters. Maybe there is a scared part of you, an angry part, a critical part, an intellectual part, or a giving part. Depending on the circumstances you are in, different parts take center stage and for various reasons and intents. In my work, we seek to better understand this inner dialogue, build compassion for those inner voices, and work to integrate them into a larger whole internally, creating a healed self!


My work is also strongly influenced by Spiral Dynamics, philosopher and thinker Ken Wilber, and spiritual themes of oneness. 


Clients that I LOVE working with (in no particular order):

-Individuals who are spiritually open and curious.  

-New or soon-to-be mothers or women struggling with infertility. --Therapists or individuals in healing professions.

-Individuals experiencing spiritual or religious crisis.


Many other circumstances and life paths interest me as well so if you don't fit in one of those categories, don't rule yourself out! :)

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