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My Services

Individual Counseling:

In individual counseling we will look at the things that are causing suffering for you, how fear and shame are playing a part in your inner thought life, how external relationships are causing you distress, and how your work is impacting your overall wellbeing. We will look at the ways childhood themes are impacting your current sense of yourself and worthiness. We will ask questions about your purpose in this life and how your work fits into that picture.  By the end of our time together it is my hope that you will better understand the story of your life and how everything you've gone through has lead you to now. I also hope you leave feeling empowered to what you were brought here to do. 

Therapy for Therapists

I love working with others in the healing profession. It can be difficult for therapists to seek out their own therapy. For one, finding someone you feel can help you when you already do this work and have "been around the block" with this whole therapy thing can be difficult. For another, finding a therapist that will not judge your style, your approach, or your own inner grapplings with the field can be tricky. The truth is, not all therapists are a safe space for therapists and finding one that is open and non-judgment is essential! What does a therapist do when they work with clients who are struggling with anxiety, marital issues, or depression, and then they themselves start to experience those things? A whole lot of imposter syndrome is what happens! If this is you, I hope you'll reach out resting assured that I will be an open and welcoming presence for you!

Preparation for Baby and Post-Partum


If you are a new or soon to be mother and are seeking support in the transition into motherhood- I am here for you! I love doing work in preparation for this role transition. I will work with you and your partner to ensure that all are ready for this change. We will talk through common struggles that come up in those first few years and work through solutions that will help you feel more supported. If you're interested in a 6 week course with your partner to prepare you in the essentials- please inquire in the contact form!

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