My Services


As I hope you've gathered by now, my individual work with you will center around helping you realize how AMAZING you are and where along the way of life you learned that you were anything less than amazing. We will explore your history, we will get in touch with your inner child, and we will discuss practical strategies that you can begin to implement that will help you to self-prioritize and communicate your needs to others. When we meet we will decide on a time-frame for our work together-typically this lands us somewhere in the 4-6 months range. Therapy is WEEKLY as this is how we will get to work quickly and make the changes that are necessary. I do offer a FREE 15 minute phone consult prior to meeting for anyone who is thinking of joining on! 


What do we do when there are two parties as intimately connected to one another as two humans can be, both of whom need to be valued, seen, and known? What happens when attempts to receive love and connection are repeatedly missed by the other one? We develop self-protective measures to keep us safe from the other's rejection. And over time those self-protections create a wider and wider gap between the partnership.  In couple's therapy you will learn how to repair that disconnection. Here is the formula I follow for couples:

1. Meet together one time to discuss goals and hopes for our time together

2. Hold several weeks of individual exploration with each party to build deeper awareness.

3. Return together as a couple for 3-4 months of couple's work


Healing is not done on an island- we need each other if we are ever going to heal the parts of us that most believe we are unworthy of love.  This is where Group work comes in! Groups meet weekly for periods of 3 months at a time. Throughout the year I hold groups for women, men, and couples- come and join in on the magic that only happens when we begin to get more vulnerable in community!